Shaygan Kheradpir Is Climbing The Ladder Of Success


Shaygan Kheradpir is now the CEO or Coriant. He is taking over for Pat DiPietro who is now the chairman of Marlin Equity Partners. Shaygan Kheradpir is not running into this position blind. He has been working side by side with the senior management of Coriant for quite some time. He is considered an intelligent technology and business leader and has over 28 years experience in the telecom, financial and technology world. Coriant is honored to have him on their team and is looking forward to his leadership skills benefiting the company. He offers valuable guidance and focuses on taking the company to the next level.

Kheradpir has many years of experience in the industry and previously worked for Verizon and GTE in chief operations. He also worked as a technology officer for Barclays Bank and is comfortable with operating an optical system with over 500 vending customers. A few popular competitors of Coriant include Ciena, Huawei, Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco and Infinera.

Kheradpir is well known for his pioneering abilities in product initiatives and with his investment knowledge. He has helped raise over 20 billion dollars in capital throughout his career. He has a Ph.D, Maters and bachelors degree from the University of Cornell. He also has several patents in telecom, payments and media systems. He is currently helping the U.S. National Institute of Technology by working on their advisory board. He also serves on the Engineering Council for the University of Cornell.

Kheradpir never created a plan for financial success for himself. He never dreamed of becoming the CEO of a company or making a huge impact for several companies. He is very proud of himself and the positive difference he has made for the companies he has worked for and the experiences that he has been given. He has developed a strong bond with several of the teams he has worked for and is proud of the rewarding journey he has had so far. He has worked with groups of various sizes, from just a few people to several thousand people. He continues to work hard on making a difference and helping his company take on new customers and expanding their marketing potential. For more information about Kheradpir, please visit

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