Soros, Democracy Alliance Rallying The Troops Against Trump

Democrats are reeling after Hilary Clinton’s historic Presidential election loss to Donald Trump. Many on the left are pointing fingers, unable to resist the urge to blame. Those in the Democratic establishment are calling for unity in the face of what they see as an authoritarian President-elect.

The Democracy Alliance is meeting for a three-day summit in Washington this weekend in order to discuss plans for resisting a Trump Presidency. They see Trump as a direct threat to the legacy of Obama and to many Democratic initiatives that have been put into place under his Presidency. Trump has stumped on the promise of repealing Obamacare, Obama’s historic Iran deal and the Paris climate accords. In fact, Democrats see Trump’s denial of climate change as a threat to the entire planet.

The Democracy Alliance is a group of 100 mega-donors on the left. The group was spearheaded by George Soros, an 85-year-old billionaire hedge fund manager. The group was started back in 2004 in support of John Kerry’s failed bid for the Presidency against George W. Bush. The first efforts of the DA failed, but George Soros kept the group together in order to advance progressive policies.

Each of the 100 donors must fund left-leaning advocacy groups and think tanks with at least $200,000 per year. Members like George Soros are also charged a $30,000 membership fee to pay for the DA staff. Part of the membership fee also funds meetings like the summit happening this weekend. The meet ups are swanky, complete with catered food and entertainment.

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The DA is inviting a variety of Democratic leaders to the summit, including Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren and Keith Ellison. Pelosi is a longtime Democratic leader in the House, Warren holds a financial leadership role in the Senate, and Ellison is the favorite to be the new leader of the DNC.

Together, the donors and Democratic politicians will discuss strategies to stymie Trump’s Presidency. First on the agenda is stopping his plans for his first 100 days in office. Meetings will also be held to discuss longer term strategies to obstruct future policies of a Trump administration.

Some on the far left are criticizing the summit, calling it frivolous. They say that it looks like a bunch of rich white people getting together to flaunt their wealth while working people suffer. Far-left progressives think this is exactly why Hilary Clinton lost the working class vote to Trump through the middle of the country. They want the party to embrace Bernie Sanders-style politics that eschew big money donors like the ones in the DA.

The DA is taking this meeting very seriously. The seriousness can be seen in the schedule of the summit, where Soros himself is penned in for a speech. Soros, despite founding the Democracy Alliance, is usually absent from the group’s meetings. His active participation in the meeting displays urgency on the billionaire’s part. George Soros has called Trump a threat to the United States and democracy. A holocaust survivor, Soros is leery of an authoritarian ruler in the United States.

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