Stream Energy Offers Advice On How To Combat The Energy Drain On Your Wallet

Stream Energy recently offered some sound advice to their customers on how to reduce the high cost of energy bills through a simple method. This method is simple, yet often overlooked by many people who desire to save money but don’t consider the cost of their devices and gadgets in the home that are plugged in even when not in use.

Their simple advice to reduce your energy bills is to simply unplug gadgets and devices that are not is use. They go on to explain that even though a device or gadget may not be in use, having it plugged in all the time still uses energy and this can add up to significant costs over time. Visit Public Utility Commission of Texas website to know more about Stream Energy.

They show that even something as simple as an entertainment system that is left plugged in all the time can cost up to $130 a year in extra charges even when you are not using it. That can be a significant savings that customers can benefit from annually.

They call this phenomenon “phantom drain,” and with diligence, you can reduce the annual costs of your energy bills by unplugging devices and gadgets that are not in use, and that you must persist in this practice over time to reap the benefits.

They also suggest that you use an outlet strip for all your gadgets and to shut the power down on those batched gadgets when you are not using them. Doing this can combat the energy drain on your wallet. They go on further to suggest that you monitor your energy use using monitoring tools such as Smart Meter Texas if you live in the state. View Stream Energy at

Stream Energy was founded in 2004 and is a retail energy provider of electricity and natural gas. It is also a provider of not only energy but wireless and protective home services. They came on the scene in Texas during the deregulation era and uses multi-level marketing as its platform for sales and growth.

A majority of Stream Energy’s services are provided across the United States, with the exception of energy, which is only provided in certain deregulated markets. The company’s headquarters are in The Tollway Building located in Dallas, Texas.


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