George Soros and the Importance of Philanthropy

There are few names in politics that create such instant and diverse reactions as George Soros. Soros is a Hungarian born, New York-based investor who made his hay in the early ’90s shorting the English pound. over the years, George Soros has grown to become one of the most impressive investors and philanthropists in the world, all while staying committed to his progressive ideals. As a student of the Open Society teachings, Soros knows that he has to put his money where his mouth is in order to live the most fruitful and effective life possible. In the era of Donald Trump, Soros’ renewed philanthropic efforts are more important than ever. Recently, George Soros made headlines around the world when financial disclosures revealed that the philanthropist had donated the majority of his wealth to charity, donating upwards of $18 billion to the Open Society Foundations.

George Soros established the Open Society Foundations in the early ’70s. His goal with the establishment of the OSF was to create a charity that could reach out to grassroots groups around the world in order to fight for some of the most important concepts in the modern world: social justice, freedom of expression, government transparency and more. Soros created the OSF with his own money and has since already pumped close to $19 billion into it — before his latest charitable donation. The OSF has been active all around the globe, from Europe to Africa and even in the United States. Nowadays, George Soros sees that foundation can make a huge impact in the United States as Donald Trump works steadfastly to erode the civil liberties that Americans have fought for their entire lives.

Despite Soros’ consistent philanthropic endeavors, he has become a lightning rod for criticism from the far right of the political spectrum. Soros has become, in some ways, the perfect boogeyman for American conservatism. The reason? Right-wing media monoliths have been blaming George Soros for everything possible, and we mean this literally. Whether HR McMaster, Trump’s National Security advisor, is firing alt-right staffers or conservatives like Roy Moore are getting accused of transgressions — Soros is called the puppet master behind it all. Of course, this is all unsubstantiated and completely baseless, but that doesn’t stop the attacks from coming. The problem for right-wing media giants is that Soros is a billionaire progressive and he does not need to cow to their narrative.

The continued demonization of progressive philanthropy is systemic of greater problems in the United States political system. The continued assault on all things progressive has severely damaged the works being done by good men like George Soros. With that being said, Soros’decision to move almost all of his wealth to his charity is indicative of his willingness to stand up for what he believes in. The $18 billion that Soros has put into his own foundation will serve to fight back in what has been considered a relatively dark time for American politics. With Donald Trump’s divisive and dangerous rhetoric emanating from the White House, Soros is more needed than ever.

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