The Ecommerce Customer Experience Is Changing The Shopping Habits Of Consumers

AI or artificial intelligence has become a way for online retailers to stay ahead of the competition. The retail and fashion sectors are improving the experience of their customers with new technology. The ecommerce customer experience is designed to be unique by tracking behavior, preferences, style and location. Customers are being shown items they are unable to resist purchasing. Learn more about Sentient at

There are apps created to match clothing according to the personalized request of the consumer. The customer can purchase the perfect outfit without having to enter a mall. Another app allows an individual to locate the closest shopping center with a picture of a person wearing an outfit they like. The consumer will be guided to the closet mall selling something similar. The ecommerce customer experience can match style, size, price, and preference without a fee for shipping.

The new technology is expected to cut the cost of acquisitions by nearly half, and brick-and-mortar locations may eventually be eliminated. In the future, AI will be able to replace the need for personal shoppers with tools to automatically direct customers to websites based on their behavior, actions, and brand preferences. The ecommerce customer experience has become incredibly popular with consumers who prefer to shop online as opposed to a physical location.

Insights regarding the online shopping experience and the habits of the consumers are now available through the technology of cognitive computing and big data. The shopping experience is being personalized for customers, and traditional shopping is rapidly falling behind. Searches are showing consumers exactly what they want to see, including items they did not know they wanted.

The ecommerce customer experience has been heightened to such a degree, the edges of online and physical shopping have become blurred. Additional sales are being encouraged with personalized options readily available at the smart checkouts. As consumers continue to receive everything they want online, physical retail locations continue to suffer.

Language processing through AI is enabling an understanding of what the customer is searching to find. This is done in a similar fashion as with a personal shop assistant. The biggest retailers online are turning to AI to increase sales and profits by personalizing the experiences of their customers. Despite the concerns regarding the way jobs may be affected by AI, the new technology is bringing new promise to the world of online retail while changing the way people choose to shop. Traditional shopping may have become a thing of the past.


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