The Manse on Marsh: A Great Assisted Living Community

The Manse on the Marsh is an independent and assisted living community based in San Luis Obispo, CA. It offers privacy, fine dining, socialization and personal care, all outlined in SeniorHousingNet’s review. It seeks to provide an environment that is beautiful as well as inviting to all its residents and also the prospective ones. The Manse boasts of a wide variety of different residences. It offers a selection for its residents with facilities such as fireplaces, free-standing cottages and some are luxurious enough to have full kitchens.

The residences are private but they do have common areas that are warm and inviting. For those lacking kitchens in their residences, the Manse has a main dining area that offers chef-prepared meals. During lunch hours, the Manse offers its residents sunny, informal bistro. Some of the entertainment facilities that the Manse has are such as an atrium and a movie theater. It also offers a fitness center, a hair salon and a computer for internet access, in addition to many other activities.

Activities organized by the Manse for its residents are such as book clubs, yoga, religious services, games and offsite activities such as outings. The health of Manse residents is of paramount importance, thus it has ensured the availability of medical services and a hospice care. The blog makes the case that guests are highly welcome at The Manse. During their visits they can join the residents in taking meals and are also allowed to spend the night.

The Manse also ensures that the cleanliness of its environs and also of the residents is maintained and as such it has housekeeping services and laundry services for the resident’s clothes. Residents also enjoy chauffeured transportation and a lifeline alert system. The Manse is also a secure place as security measures have been put in place to ensure the safety of its residents.

The Manse also offers financial guidance to families and prospective residents. It helps families understand the benefits associated with assisted living. It also helps families try out other financial options to enable them afford senior living. If a prospective resident seeks to sell their house and move to the Manse, it assists them in acquiring realtors and advising them on the best price. It is worth noting that the Manse allows its residents to have their pets around.

The Manse offers senior living at a maximum cost of $5,700 per month to a minimum of $2,700 per month. This depends on the housing options it provides which include, one and two bedroom apartments, studio apartments, cottages, shared living and companion suites.

From the photos in’s review, you can see The Manse on the Marsh has a large outdoor area and its surrounding provide an ambient atmosphere for all its residents. It has been praised for having exceptional services, outstanding amenities and that the staff carries itself with impeccable professionalism.

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