The Philanthropic Nature of George Soros

George Soros was born in Hungary to Erzebat and Tividar Schwartz. He was born in 1930 on the 12th of August and he had a politician for his godfather. After a while his family moved to London where he completed his studies. George was hard working because he attended school and at the same time he was working. He once worked as a waiter as well as a rail porter. From there he was lucky enough to make progress and be a bank merchant. This gives a clear impression that he did his best to make a positive impact in his life. The positions of work he has had show that someone starts small and increases with time. He was a waiter at some point in his life and later became a bank merchant. His life is an example to other people, showing the importance of determination and hard work.

One of the major aspects defining George Soros is his philanthropic nature. In the year 1979, George began test the proverbial waters of philanthropy and five years later he established his first charity organization. The organization was established in his home town Hungary and it was known as Open Society Foundations. It was named after the concept of Karl Popper and the intention of establishing it was to assist in building vibrant as well as tolerant democracies where administrations show accountability for the citizens. After a while he opened an office in Mexico and this was in the year 1987. After opening this office, his spending on charity increased since he had more causes to support. In 1978 his spending on charity was $3 million and it increased to $300 million in 1992. This fact gives a clear impression that he was committed in his charity work and did not care about how much money he used.

George Soros became a philanthropic as a result of his experience when he was a child. Growing up he had a comfortable life but when he looked around him, there were people who languished in poverty. Having a helpful heart he grew up knowing that he had the intention of creating a change. He accomplished his major mission through the charity organizations he established. He not only established them in Hungary and Mexico, but also all over Central Asia and Eastern Europe. He acquired his wealth and ensured that he used it for the betterment of the entire community.

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