The Slyce Image Search Works Wonders For Shoppers

The Slyce image search that was create for industrial purposes that include things like inventory and directory searches, but the Slyce technology has also become the best thing for people who are shopping online. Shopping online is actually really easy for everyone, but they have to make sure that they can find what they need easily. Slyce made that simple, and they infused the Pounce app with their image recognition search. The image search yields a lot of results that people can check out on their phones or tablets as they search for items that are most fun to use.

Everyone has a choice of how to shop, and too many people have to waste their time when they are searching online for hours for just one thing. Slyce can do that in seconds, and it will accept pictures through the Pounce app when the shopper is ready to search. The shopper has to make sure that they use current pictures, and they will see what that item is, anything that is close to it and they will be able to click on links for that in seconds.

Everyone who wants to shop online for less money can easily comparison shop when they get online. They can use Slyce AI technology through the Pounce app, and that will help them get the best results for their shopping. They can pick up their thing that has the best price, and they can compare right there in the app. This is much faster than shopping online without image recognition, and that is why Pounce has become the most popular shopping app. It could help someone who finds a vintage coat and needs the modern alternative, or it will help someone figure out where they can buy that thing that they saw in a store window.

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