Tony Petrello: Communication Is Key To Leadership Success

Tony Petrello is leader of the world-class gas and oil company of Nabors Industries, Ltd. He holds many leadership roles, quite frankly, within the organization. The company remains “second-to-none,” within the oil and gas industry.

Mr. Petrello, began life, with an inherent knowledge and skill, as it pertains to math. He is and has always been quite proficient in the subject of Mathematics. Considering his talent–it is right to state that persons that provide leadership, as it pertains to the well drilling, oil and gas industry, should, undeniably, possess much in the way of Mathematical skill and talent. Although, Tony Petrello, has been considered a skilled Mathematician, he is very good about communicating precision placement of well-drilling equipment to persons not as fundamentally blessed with Mathematical talent.

Tony Petrello, quite impressively, possesses two degrees in Mathematics: and the degrees come from one of the best Ivy League Colleges, going: Prestigious Yale University. Tony Petrello, during his term at Yale–attained a B.S. Degree in Mathematics; and an M.S. Degree in Mathematics. If that was not enough: the determined spirit of Anthony Petrello, (Tony) went on to attain a J.D. from another very famous University: Harvard Law School.

Tony Petrello has just the right academic background to communicate effectively, as it pertains to providing leadership, to a world-class organization. He is CEO, President and Chairman of the Board of Nabors Industries, Ltd. He communicates with persons all across the globe. He communicates to the public in general, as well as to members of staff, within the well-renowned organization. He leverages resources, by way of effectively, communicating with other viable organizations, within the oil and gas industry. Tony Petrello knows that by working, in teams and forming alliances with other important servicers within the oil and gas industry, he delivers value, and higher levels of efficiencies, to his client base.

He needs to recognize, too, the legalities, associated with world trade. He is required to understand the history of OPEC and what is required in dealing with the organization.

All of the preceding functions are not relative to an average leader. A leader, such as Tony Petrello, wears many leadership hats: however, first and foremost, Tony Petrello demonstrates that he is an effective communicator. He inspires confidence from Nabors Industries, Ltd.’s field operators, the internal operational staff and other oil and gas companies and regulators.

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