When Beauty Writer Follows WEN Routine, Hair Turns Glossy and Full

If you live under a rock, then you have probably never heard of WEN hair, and that’s alright. Famous stylist Chaz Dean is still picking up fans all over the world who have just started using his no-shampoo method of cleansing and protecting hair. Bustle.com beauty blogger Emily McClure had never tried the WEN system until recently. She had obviously heard all the buzz about it and finally decided to see what a 7-day WEN Hair challenge could do for her fine, limp locks.
Emily chose to purchase on the sephora beauty market the FIG cleansing conditioner. These unique one-bottle hair cleansing solutions eliminate the harsh detergents and chemicals found in regular shampoos, conditioners and styling aids. Mr. Dean believes in a natural, healthy lifestyle, so that is why he developed the WEN cleansing conditioning regimen. In fact, the popular stylist has not used shampoo on himself or clients since 1993.

Emily, being a nighttime shower person, discovered quickly that the Wen Hair by Chaz Dean system adds super body and shine to hair as long as you follow some simple rules. By the way, in her post for Bustle.com, Emily snapped selfies each day in the 7-day WEN challenge to show how the cleanser performed on her medium-long hair.

Emily found that using the cleansing conditioner every morning in the shower would yield the best results. When she attempted to skip a day between washes, or if she mixed up the routine slightly by showering the night before, she found her her tresses become oily and unmanageable.

When she had settled into the 7-day Wen Hair routine, her hair had gloss and bounce, something her friends were quick to notice on Day 6, as she joined them for evening drinks. Her hair had remained in place, had not wilted all those hours, which means the system works when followed properly.

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